Weekend morning routine

I am sure a lot of you don’t know this about me but I am actually a morning person.
I love to wake up before everyone else does to have some quality me time.
On weekdays I have a shorter morning routine but on the weekends I try to enjoy my mornings as much as I can.


Fresh, clean white sheets.

The most important thing to me is the bedding. I love white soft sheets that always smell freshly washed.
I change my bedding once or twice a week to make sure I always feel cozy and comfortable.
Recently I have discovered ZenDom, an online shop where you can find a huge selection of different beddings.
I have chosen a nice light grey bedding with a beautiful pattern. It is soft and stylish at the same time.


Planning my day

I usually plan my day the night before but on the weekends I do it in the morning.
I also do a plan for the whole week ahead.


Breakfast in bed

I love to eat breakfast in bed and read a book, a magazine or check out some blogs. My go to weekend breakfast is oatmeal.


Skin care

On the weekends I always pamper my skin. My recent obsession are sheet masks.


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